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Monday. July 23rd, 2001

Wow I just noticed how long it's been since I updated this section and so decided to put a few notes in here as to what has transpired in the last few months, for all those that don't get out with us as regular as they would like to.

Stacey bought 2 Smart Parts Shockers. Paul bought a Revenge v2. David and Juan bought Piranhas. Steve Thurman bought a m98 Custom, and so did Tom Wear. Jay bought another Autococker.

Jason Wiley's taking a hiatus to play more golf with his wife. Only one expensive sport at a time I guess.

That's it off the top of my head. Till next time.


Saturday, April 14th, 2001

Well Bryan couldn't stand it any longer and had to get an Autococker. But as we know he couldn't just go out and get a stock gun because that would be too ordinary. He went and got a freaking nice Autococker from Paradise Paintball. Luckily we were there to make sure he made an informed decision. And he's really happy with his purchase.

So now since we finally have three men on the team that have tourny level markers we're going to play a 3 man tourny in Graham, WA on Sunday April 22nd. My birthday by the way. So if you want to stop us from telling you a blow by blow of the entire day I would suggest that you come out and have some fun and root for us.


Saturday, April 7th, 2001

Well I've done it and made a Team RGB / Team Profile store. The store only carries Team RGB merchandise right now but in the near future I will be adding stores for the other team and player specific items as well.

Anything bought in these stores will generate a dollar towards the team fund. That's the only profit that I make from these purchases. So get your team gear and wear it around the office. In no time we'll not have to worry about getting the minimum players and then we'll worry about what's the maximum.

So consume people. :-)


Saturday, March 31th, 2001

We had a small group this time of only 12 but I think that was mainly due to the distance and some people's schedules. It was hella fun though playing in shin deep mud that smelled faintly of Pig excrement. You had to be there to appreciate it.

It seems that everytime we go out everyone is showing improvement and new skills. Not only that but everytime we go out it seems to be more fun than the last time.

Unfortunately I had no batteries for my camera and so therefore I have no pictures. It is a shame to because we had to hose off near the end of the day. Thankfully Tim Perciful brought his video camera and so we got some great footage of everyone running around in the woods. I also saw that I need to really lose a few pounds but that's another thing altogether.

For all those that missed this outing, make sure not to miss the next one. They are definately getting more exciting everytime we go out. And maybe if you're nice, Tim Perciful can show you his immense toleration for self-inflicted pain. It's impressive and kinda scary!


Saturday, March 17th, 2001

A bunch of us were talking at Robert Frandanisa's b-day bash at the Ballroom in Fremont on Friday and discovered that many more people could come to paintball if we only moved the date to something other than the 7th of April. So we did.

Sorry for the last minute change but this date seems to work into many people's schedules much better.

Hope you can make it. Let me know ASAP if you can or cannot make it so we can get the money to reserve the field.


Saturday, February 17th, 2001

Jay and I went down to Hole in the Wall today and reserved our field and time.

We'll start playing at 10. That means that everyone should be at the field by 8:30 to 8:45 so that we can get everything in order so that we can start playing once the field is ready. If you don't show up a little early that's ok but it makes everyone else wait.

We have a record number of people signed up for this game. We have around 27 people with 21 people paid in full for rentals. It's gonna be a blast!

I'll hand out the insurance forms for everyone to sign so that when we go we'll be all set. Now is the time to be arranging those carpools.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2001

Ok thanks to Jay we've got the info for the field. Here it is if you haven't seen the email:

We're going for a rental package for the entire day. This includes a gun, mask, 200 rounds of paintballs, all day CO2, and lunch. If we pay for the field 2 weeks in advance (which is the plan) they'll throw in an extra 100 rounds of paint apiece for the renters and let us reserve our own field. However, we need to have more than 20 people renting equipment to get the package. Cost per person is $25.00 and needs to be paid to either Jason Wiley, or myself by Monday Feb 12th.

Thanks Jay!


Tuesday, February 6th, 2001

I actually got some time to myself and decided to make a facelift for our site. I looked out over the web at all the other team pages and they all were on black with funky animated gifs in the background.

So hence the change to a more professional, in my opinion, looking website.

I also redesigned the menu system for a more streamlined and functional one. Nested menus are a pain to maintain and fix if there is a problem.

I also redesigned the team page to give better info on all of the team members and to make it much more attractive.


Monday, January 29th, 2001

Ok I've added a discussion board for whatever communication you desire. I've also fleshed out the tactics section. Check it out. It's located under the team section. I've added so much that I'm done for the moment and I'll wait a couple of days before I dig in again.

If anyone wants to contribute please feel free. Just let me know what you want to add and where and I'll hook you up.


Sunday, January 28th, 2001

I decided that the egroups thing was nice but Yahoo bought them out and now it sucks. You have to relogin and reapply. The email group was nice but there's just not that many of us to really need it.

Anyone that needs to post something here just give me the message and I'll post it.

Note: Add whatever message you want to the discussion board and I'll hook you up.


Friday, January 26th, 2001

I sent off the black and white patch design to the embroiderer to get a quote on how much it will cost per patch. I didn't recieve any reply as of yet and so hopefully I'll get one on Monday or Tuesday.

I also called Hole in the Wall and asked them for the current price information and they stated that there is a slight change in their prices and so they are sending me a flier that contains all of their prices changes. Why they couldn't tell me over the phone I don't know but oh well.


Monday, January 22nd, 2001

I've jumped way off the deep end and am wholeheartedly pursuing this sport. I've upgraded my marker with an electronic brain and have converted my power source to Nitro instead of CO2.

You'll see it at Hole in the Wall and I'll let some of you play with it while I take a smoke break. I'm starting to rival Jay's rig in style points.