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Want a review of a product you're considering? This is the best place for it. Just type in the name or keyword and it'll look it up. Cause you don't care what I have to say, you want to know what many people think.
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Field Reviews

These reviews are based on our experiences at each field. We don't play walkon because we don't have to and so take that into account when you read these reviews.


Paradise Paintball

Average Costs:
Rental: $25 All inclusive
Air: $10
CO2: $0.25 Ounce
Field fee: $5 w/ paint, $15 without paint
Paint: $65 to $80 per case
Total: Approx $25 without paint.

Port Orchard, WA

Excellent Sup' Air field which is pretty small and excellent for 3-man and 5-man but nothing larger than that.

The recball field is basically a wooded speedball field. Sometimes the reffing in the woods is not as great as the reffing on the speedball field. But due to the size of the groups sometimes in the woods the refs have it really hard.

They also have a virgin woods field which is fun for those snipers out there but the field isn't completely marked and it get's real easy to get lost if the groups are small.

Refs are really safety conscious and keep games going at a good pace.

Go there to play speedball and you'll be very happy.


Hole in the Wall

Average Costs:
Rental: $25 All inclusive
Air: Incl. in Field Fee
CO2: Incl. in Field Fee
Field fee: $15 w/ paint, $25 with your paint
Paint: $75 to $80 per case
Total: Approx $25 without paint.

Auburn, WA

This field is the complete opposite of Paradise Paintball. So far these guys have the recball field down really well. They have 10 different fields and the fields range from really small to large. They also have a speedball field but it's tiny, dank, and not maintained very well.

Bunkers are sparse though and so practice your low crawl if you want to survive long at this place.

Refs here are more laid back and will let you play at your own pace a little more. Safety isn't as stringently enforced as other fields, but it's there.

Play safe here and enforce your own and everything will be well.

6/23 Update: We played here again and I had to demote their score by half a point because of the miscommunication that caused us to not get started until 11:30 am, even though we had a reservation. The fields were very overgrown and therefore you could not see anyone farther than 15 feet in most places. We moved to the more sparse fields and enjoyed the rest of the day.


Operation Paintball

Average Costs: Coming soon.

Graham, WA

Muddy! That's the operative word. Go here when there's no rain and you'll love it. Go on a rainy day and get ready to hose yourself off at the end of the day. Not to mention that you'll stink really bad.

Other than that, this place rocks. The refs are good and will go at any pace you like. The fields are varied. We only played on 3 fields since it was so muddy and each had it's pluses and minuses. The urban field rocked and made for very interesting strategies. All I can say is get to the house as fast as you can.

Dangerzone Paintball

Average Costs: Coming soon.

Fort Lewis, WA

Due to military restrictions this field is pretty expensive. Plus it's the first Field Paint Only field we played and we didn't like that too much.

The fields themselves are nice and are maintained well. They have an awesome speedball field and their urban warfare woods field is very nice.

What failed here was the reffing. Safety is stringently enforced but fair gameplay is not. Teams were unbalanced from the beginning and nothing was done to rectify the situation by the reffing staff. Not until halfway through the day did we get the teams more evenly balanced and by then some had left for the day.

If it wasn't for the cost, that you cannot take whatever paint you purchased home at the end of the day, and the lack of team balancing this field would have scored very high.

Try it once and see what you think. Walkon groups can get quite large.

STP Paintball Snohomish, WA Coming in July